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Elkem Silicones Silbione® Biomedical ADH1 M200


Improve Efficiency and Regulatory Compliance

High Performance Implant Grade Adhesive (>29 days)

Elkem Silicones has introduced Silbione® biomedical ADH1 M200, the first tin-free, one-part silicone adhesive, designed specifically for the long-term implantable silicone market. This tin-free silicone adhesive cures faster than currently available silicone adhesives on the market, requiring no heat or humidity chamber for cure, resulting in easy processing and improved productivity. Silbione® Biomedical ADH1 M200 has a 35% improved tack-free time over the leading competitive product. 

Silbione® Biomedical ADH1 M200 offers potential efficiency savings, productivity boost, and the tin-free solution the market is waiting for. This product is ideal for assembling medical devices that require high strength elastic adhesion to substrates such as silicone, thermoplastics, polyester, metal and polyurethane. Potential applications may include pace makers, cochlear implants, neuromodulators and other medical devices requiring assembly.

Product Benefits Include:

  • Tin-free
  • High cohesion and adhesive strength
  • Improves productivity and efficiency with fast curing
  • Versatility in adhesion to many substrates, e.g., silicone, polyurethane, aluminum, titanium, etc.
  • One part, ambient cure, easy to use, no need for heat or humidity

Silbione® Biomedical ADH1 M200 is manufactured and packaged in certified and accredited ISO 8 and ISO 7 clean rooms in York, S.C., and is supported by a Master File (MAF) with the Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH).

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