Enhance Your Differentiation With PURESIL™ Elastomer Gel Series


Webinar Introduction

The PURESIL™ Elastomer Gel Series is specially designed for skin, hair, sun care, and color cosmetics to enable formulators to unleash their creativity! In addition to performance-enhancing options, an exciting offering largely derived from naturally and sustainably sourced ingredients will be discussed.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • The PURESIL™ Elastomer Gels range and their advantage by design

  • The exciting option of performance enhancement and natural positioning

  • How PURESIL™ Elastomer Gels can help you deliver consumer desired benefits.

PURESIL™ Elastomer Gel advantage:

  • Superior sensory enhancers, easy spread without balling effect, leaving skin silky, soft, and smooth

  • Finer particle sizes and better film former

  • Even coverage with enhanced optical wrinkle masking and SPF boosting

  • Wide range of carriers with choices of different viscosity, volatility, compatibility to cosmetic ingredients

  • Option for natural positioning through a sustainably sourced and naturally derived carrier fluid

  • Rheology modifier, enable formulation textures.


Elkem Silicones in cosmetics

Since 1995, Elkem Silicones has been developing and producing its full-range line of MIRASIL™ silicone chemistries to serve global personal care markets, including skin care, color cosmetics, hair care and deodorant manufacturing. Through its laboratories, production centers and sales channels on four continents, Elkem Silicones has established itself as the world’s leading supplier of silicone-based materials for these markets.