Visit Our Team at MD&M West!

  • February 11-13, 2020
  • Anaheim Convention Center, CA
  • Booth #2701

Join Elkem Silicones at MD&M West 2020

Come join us at MD&M West 2020 in Anaheim, CA and learn about our exciting new product innovations and our full range of SilbioneTM and SilbioneTM Biomedical silicones for medical and electronic applications, including LSRs, HCRs, RTVs, adhesives, gels, fluids and materials suitable for long-term implant applications.

This year at the show, our team will be highlighting: 
  • SilbioneTM Biomedical ADH1 M200 silicone adhesive, a tin-free, ambient cure, high performance, one-part adhesive for long-term implantable application, as well as the general purpose high strength silicone adhesive, Silbione MED ADH 4200 
  • Additions to our high consistency rubber product line SilbioneTM HCRA 4500 series for general healthcare and SilbioneTM Biomedical M500 for implantable applications
  • SilbioneTM LSR SelectTM , a platinum-catalyzed silicone elastomers designed for liquid injection molding
  • Silicone elastomers for controlled drug delivery systems
  • Biomedical grade silicones for long term implant applications

See Live Demos While at the Show!

Make sure to stop by our booth #2701 to see live demos of the next generation liquid silicone rubber system, 
SilbioneTM LSR SelectTM. 

SilbioneTM LSR SelectTM, is a patented, advanced system of materials designed to enhance the operation, control, flexibility, and productivity of liquid silicone rubber injection molding processes for healthcare and medical applications. Unlike the traditional two-component LSR system for injection molding, SilbioneTM LSR SelectTM is a single component base polymer that cures when mixed with the LSR SelectTM CONTROL and CATA using a specific dosing system. 

Molders now have the ability to:
  • Select the amount of additives in the mixing process, giving them control over the cure kinetics of the material
  • Have in process durometer blending which reduces the time of switchover of materials as well as targeting more precise durometers
  • Cure materials at temperatures of 80oC for overmolding of sensitive electronics or 2K molding with temperature sensitive substrates

Still need a pass for this year's show?


SilbioneTM Biomedical ADH1 M200 offers potential efficiency savings, productivity boost, forms high strength elastic bonds to many substrates, and is the tin-free solution the market has been waiting for. 


The LSR SelectTM system give you CONTROL to optimize your cure kinetics improving productivity and flexibility to achieve your precise results. Expand your range of applications and CONTROL your destiny.


SilbioneTM silicones are increasingly used in healthcare and biomedical applications due to their biocompatibility, chemical inertness, hypoallergenicity, and high performance physical properties. 

Learn about our Silicone Solutions for your Applications

Our SilbioneTM medical and biomedical grade ingredients and formulations meet the highest quality standards and are custom-designed to provide dependable and safe materials for patients and final users, while being easy to process and cost effective for manufacturers. We work closely on a case-by-case basis with manufacturers to meet current needs. This is sustained by long-term R&D partnerships to develop new products and meet evolving market demand and regulatory requirements. We also offer complete support services through our worldwide network, including reliable procurement and technical services.

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